OTC Pools

Execute with private counterparties for 0 slippage at your desired price point.
Introducing HikariSwap's OTC pools. This looks like a traditional swapping tool, the difference is that - we do not immediately route your orders out to the affiliated platform that houses the liquidity pool.
The OTC Swap Dashboard
Once the trade has been executed on HikariSwap, the tokens are then sent to Hikaris OTC pools, where it will execute based on any counterparties that are looking to be the recipient of your trade without token taxations or 'swap exact token' fees.

Placing your Order

When you have placed your order, you will be able to see it via the Orders Tab on HikariSwap. Keep in mind that you are free to price your swap at a discount or a premium depending on what your needs are. We will also have a price oracle to help you price the trade accordingly without referring to any other venue.
A Typical OTC order
Here you will find several options:
Base Currency / Counter Currency : This is the pairing you'd like to trade Price : This is the price you would like to trade at Expiry : This allows you to decide how long you'd want your OTC order up for. We have set up multiple time frames. Counterparty : You will be able to also open your order up to specific wallet addresses as well.
Once you are settled -- can now publish the order onto the OTC orderbook.

OTC Orderbook

Hikari's OTC Orderbook
You will be able to execute trades here. As orders accumulate on the orderbook, you will be able to swap with your desired counterparties and this would behave as a transfer function on both sides.

Partial Fills vs Complete Fills

If you do not have the preemptive token amounts to fill the order, we will calculate it on a per token basis. This means you will automatically have the amounts set up so takers can take what they need, and makers will be able to distribute their tokens