Successful Token Launches

A peace of mind as you develop the next leg of your catalysts.
The stress of token launches are felt by even the mightiest of project teams.
The permanence and finality of deploying a token contract brings anxiety to token teams.
The anticipation of presale investors and speculative buyers creates a lot of hype that tends to either fizzle out or go under expectations that amplifies the smallest kink in your launch.
Most launchpads house token projects that will tend to launch with a heavy retracement during this period as this would likely be their first project they had ever launched.

HikariSwap's Solution

For project founders, we assist with the token launch process by allowing access to our execution algorithms.
by using TWAPs and VWAPs on launch, the teams will be able to absorb price impact and create price stability in addition to increase the teams treasury.
These algorithms can be executed at any time, but we've found major success on times with low volume, and the initial launch.
From working with a few project teams affiliated with Hikari Labs, we've found that marketing budgets can often be used for TWAPs and VWAPs and it often has a positive yield compared to other avenues of marketing (see Price Stability to learn more).
In addition to this, by holding more of your own supply through acquiring tokens, your project will be more stable, and you will also have ample time to continue development and initiate more marketing efforts to create sustainable growth.